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From The Influent Clarifier To The Last Effluent Unit.

Increase The Reliability And Efficiency of Your Utility Water Systems

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We’ll show you how to reduce your risk of lost production caused by utility water systems.

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You count on your utility water systems to operate so consistently that you (almost) forget that they exist – until they fail to operate. Many central water treatment plants lack a complete set of redundant assets – that means that you have at least one single-point-of-failure. When one of these assets fails, you may have to curtail production, close some of your buildings or shut down your entire plant. Read more…

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Building Facility Managers

As a building manager, your staff understands how to run the physical plant – and you rely on contracted water treatment experts – because water is not your expertise – but it’s the lifeblood of your facility. A loss of steam or chilled water means that you have to send you most valuable resource, your employees, home, and you are “out of business.”

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As a manufacturer, you’re an expert in producing your products – products are your source of revenue – it’s your core competency. Because water is often not your expertise, it’s easy to miss warning signs of impending equipment failure. Unsafe, inefficient or unreliable operation increases risks of higher operating expenses, lost profits, environmental issues, damaged reputation injury, deaths, and lawsuits.

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Expert Witness

When you’re dealing with water-related failures, patent or regulatory issues and need an expert witness, you want an expert who is competent and performs well under pressure…

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Training and Speaking

When it’s time to inform, educate, and inspire your audience, invite Loraine Huchler as a technical keynote speaker for your conference or engaging expert presenter for your corporate meeting.

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