Specifications and Supplier Selection

Reducing the cost of water treatment chemicals and improving the quality of service

Are you receiving value from your water treatment chemical supplier? Water treatment for commercial and industrial facilities is a service-based business, and the metrics for evaluating the quality of the service are often poorly defined. Some clients choose to purchase this service based on a prior relationship or a request for proposal; other clients choose to qualify bidders and release a specification to select a supplier.

Our services including creating performance-based specification documents to purchase water treatment chemicals and services, providing metrics to evaluate qualified bidders, reviewing bid responses and assisting with supplier rating and selection. The cost of chemical decreased and the quality of service increased for every client that engaged us to purchase services using a specification; one client with over 300 sites saved 20%! Download PDF case history

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We have also created specification documents to assist owners of commercial and institutional facilities with the procurement of replacement cooling towers and boilers.