How should I use a consultant?

  • To address a specific issue or solve a specific problem, with measurable results or deliverables
  • To support staff resources as a source of technical information and objective conclusions

What is the process to retain a consultant?

  • Initial consultation to define scope of work and determine suitability of the consultant
  • Written proposal detailing objectives, deliverables, milestones and costs.
  • Contract or agreement
  • Execution of assignment
  • Report of conclusions and recommendations
  • Report review
  • Follow-up and/or Implementation

Can you name the 8 basic rules when using a consultant? 

  1. Carefully review all documentation and check references as necessary to determine the consultant’s qualifications.
  2. Explain the problem clearly and never conceal any relevant facts.
  3. Explain your timetable, project scope, constraints and deliverables.
  4. Advise your staff about the reasons for hiring a consultant.
  5. Provide information and appropriate access to facilities and personnel.
  6. Pay invoices promptly.
  7. Provide feedback, positive or negative.
  8. Implement the recommendations as you choose.