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Four things that you should know if you must test your cooling water for Legionella Bacteria, Part 1

This blogpost will review the first three things that you should know if you must test your water for legionella bacteria. The next blogpost will review the fourth thing that you should know – how to choose one of the currently-commercialized laboratory and/or field tests for legionella bacteria. Monitoring for legionella bacteria includes monitoring sessile […]

How Your Organization could get sued for Testing your water for Legionella Bacteria

Your water treatment service representative – and sometimes your operators – routinely collect samples of cooling water and analyze the bacteria population. So, why is testing for legionella bacteria risky? Here’s what happened when a water treatment service representative – on his own initiative – collected a sample of the cooling water, tested it for […]

Worried about a Legionellosis Lawsuit from your Cooling Tower?

Why don’t many owners of cooling towers – especially comfort cooling towers in close proximity to pedestrians – assess and manage the risk of a Legionellosis infection from their cooling tower? Here’s a few reasons that my clients have offered. They don’t have a clear understanding of the issues. Facility managers usually have little or […]